Single NO DIG Mole


Single NODIG Mole is Horizontal Under Road Boring and Drilling Tool. Brand new c/w 12 month warranty and FREE shipping in Australia.

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  • 1 NO DIG Mole Pneumatic Piercing Tool
  • Manuals and operation guide
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • FREE Shipping
Item Condition : Brand NEW! with 12 month Warranty
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Specifications of the NO DIG Mole
Diameter Length
45 mm (1-3/4in) 910 mm (36in)
54 mm (2-1/8in) 1000 mm (39in)
65 mm (2.5in) 1175 mm (46in)
76 mm (3in) 1415 mm (56in)
100 mm (4in) 1740 mm (68in)
Weight Air Consumption
8 kg 25 cfm
12 kg 35 cfm
34 kg 40 cfm
34 kg 50 cfm
73 kg 80 cfm
Max. Pressure Air Hose
760 kpa (110psi) 25.4 mm
760 kpa (110psi) 25.4 mm
760 kpa (110psi) 38.5 mm
760 kpa (110psi) 38.5 mm
760 kpa (110psi) 38.5 mm
Do you need a top selling Horizontal Under Road Boring Tool or simply need to increase your fleet?
The NO DIG Mole Single is for you if you are :

  • Drilling and Boring Contractors for small pipes and conduits.
  • Plumbers involve in the Trenchless industry, installing the house connections to the main services.
  • Electricians involve in the NBN, Fiber Optic, telecomunication cable installation and other small buried utilities.
You MUST fullfill these requirement prior to purchase a single NO DIG Mole :

  • You definitely know how to use a NO DIG Mole and its Quarter Turn Reverse System. If not, see the GOLD Package.
  • You already have the air hose with the right fittings and couplings which can suit the new NO DIG Mole Pneumatic Piercing Tool (Click here to see the specifications).
  • You already have an oiler/lubricator with the right hydraulic oil to power the new NO DIG Mole.
  • You have your own Air Compressor. If not, see the NO DIG Mole’s recommended Air Compressor here.
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