How To

How to Use a Soil Displacement Hammer?
How to install buried cables, conduits and small pipes without digging roads, driveways and footpaths?

Using one of our Mole is the easiest way to get rid of asphalt, concrete or landscape re-instatement cost. Follow those 3 simple steps to master the NODIG Mole in no time.


Dig the starting pit and the receival pit using a mini excavator or a shovel. The pits need to be at least 11 time the size of the diameter of the Mole. Leaving a minimum clearance of 10 time the size of the diameter of the mole on top of it.
Why a depth of 10 time the size of the mole ? Because those tools are some soil displace-ment hammers, they compact the ground as they go and the ground is more than likeley going toward the top of the mole and therefore push whatever is on top of it. Hence the creation of bumps on roads, driveways and footpaths when used too shallow. This suggested depth is the safest depth to assure you a success every bore and never risk to re-instate the surface.


Use the magnetic starting level to place the Mole perfectly aligned with the new pipeline to be installed, be electric cable or small water, gas or sewer pipe.


Connect the heavy duty hydraulic hose to the Mole and the Oiler. Then connect the air compressor to the Oiler. Turn the valve, from the Oiler, onto the ‘On’ position to power the Mole.

Method 1

If you have purchased a NODIG Mole Gold Package, you have the NODIG Hardened Pipe Coupling screw in the back of the NODIG Mole. In this case, put the first length of pipe over the hydraulic hose, from the Oiler side couplings, and screw the pipe in the hardened pipe coupling. The NODIG hardened pipe coupling will grip the new pipe and pulling it behind the Mole without any extra efforts for you.

Method 2

f you haven’t purchased a Gold Package you might want to pull the new underground service once the NODIG Mole has broken through. In this case, attached the new pipe to the head of the NODIG Mole using a D-Shackle and towing socks or pipe pullers. Then reverse the NODIG Mole by using its built-in quarter turn reverse system :

Quarter Turn Reverse System HOW TO :

Twist the air hose by a quarter turn anticlockwise while the air is on. Pull it of about 50mm (until you can’t pull further) and finally lock the hose by twisting it again by a quarter turn clockwise this time.